葡京新疆时时彩平台网址Welcome to the website for the Educational Development Centre at Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST). 

The university is committed to the development of the highest quality teaching, learning, assessment, research, administration and related operations. To serve this commitment, the Educational Development Centre provides opportunities for academic and administrative staff and student development at Faculty and University levels, housed in a dedicated, visible location in the University Library. 

The Educational Development Centre provides resources – material, human and intellectual, research-informed – giving a clear, high profile to teaching, learning, research, supervision, administrative training and development.  The Centre provides on-the-ground support and development for these areas of its work, for staff and students. 

The Centre website provides online access to details of upcoming and past seminars, workshops and meetings, information and materials:

http://446.528ib.com/edc/eng       (for English)
http://446.528ib.com/edc              (for Traditional Chinese)
http://446.528ib.com/edc/chin       (for Simplified Chinese)

The Centre complements and works with the Faculties and several departments in the University, the library and IT services, operating as both a self?access centre and with facilitated development and support from suitably qualified staff.  It operates in a variety of modes, including:

  • Face-to-face support and development;
  • Organization and provision of training and development activities;
  • Documentation and material resources on a self-access basis;
  • Technology and e-learning hardware and software;
  • Online support and e-learning;
  • Links to related sites.

The Educational Development Centre provides training for both new academic Faculty and administrative staff, including higher administrative levels in the Faculties and the central university. 

We welcome you to visit the Centre, either in its physical location in the University, or in its virtual form in the Centre’s web pages, links and online materials.

Introduction to the Educational Development Centre

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